zune80 I got a Facebook email today from one of the guys on the VSTS team at Microsoft (Doug Seven),

VSTS will donate an 80 GB Zune (Black with the VSTS logo on the back).

How cool is that?!

So we’re up to a Team Suit MSDN Subscription, a Zune from Bryan Sampica, and now an 80GB Black Zune that will have the VSTS Logo on the back.

If you’re just now joining us, be sure to read the original Design Challenge post, and also check out the Facebook Group.

The Fit in February Developer Challenge starts in 19 days. Are you ready?! How are you planning on getting fit?

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SparkEnergy I’ve blogged before about the eating plan that I’m following and the incredible success that I’ve had with it. Several people that are participating in the Developer Challenge in February have asked me about the products that I’m taking (trying to get a jump on the competition 😉 ). Well, as luck would have it, I found out that the manufacture is headquartered near Dallas. I’m heading over there Tuesday night for a tour of their newly renovated facility. If you’d like to join me and check it out, drop me a note and I’ll get you an invite. See you then!

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fajitas 1

I love eating out, especially Mexican food! (I did grow up in Southern California after all) I used to order cheese enchiladas with rice and refried beans almost exclusively. Recently I started getting the fajitas and then I made another change to go along with this “getting healthy” thing. I still like fajitas, but I started eating them with out the tortillas. I put the fajita meat, grilled onions, bell peppers some rice, beans and a little sour cream on the plate, mix it up and enjoy!

Tortillas add between 80 to 130 calories each – not a ton, but when you have 3 or 4 with a meal, it starts to add up. The other change that I’ve made is that I almost never get the refried beans anymore – try the charo beans instead, they’re delicious!

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FitFebChallenge If you are following the contest (and you should be 😉 then you’ll be interested in heading over to the Facebook group that was created today and joining. (If you don’t already have a Facebook account, then you’ll need to create one)

It’s not required for the contest, but there’s already some good smack talk going on over there.   Enjoy!

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Wednesday night I spoke at the North Dallas .NET User Group where I announced this for the first time publically… unless you count twitter (some good twitter feed back as well)

So Here’s the deal…. if you’ve seen my new health blog you’ll know that I’ve been having a lot a success lately getting back in shape with an eating plan. I feel great and I’d like to keep the momentum going and help “spread the love”. Too many developers are out of shape (including me).

MSDN_TeamSuitTo help keep this going I’m going to run a contest in February: I don’t have all of the details worked out yet, but I do know that I’m going to give out a free subscription to MSDN Team Suit to the winner (approx $10,000 retail value!).

so, tune in, subscribe, or follow me on twitter and look for the final details to get announced here on this blog before February. Also, if you have any suggestions on how we could do this fairly and accurately on line, leave a comment below!

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Scale I really should’ve taken my own advice today (and not do a “daily” weigh in). Yesterday I was 261… today I’m 262 </sigh>. (I’m going to blame the user group pizza from last night)See what I’m talking about? You really can’t look at day-to-day progress, you have to focus on progress over time. It makes a motivating difference.

That being said, 3 weeks ago I was at 276.8 lbs… so I’m still down 15lbs! I can be happy about that. :)  Plus, up until 3 weeks ago I had to (especially after a big meal) _squeeze_ into my 44 pants. I’ve been swimming in them for the last couple of days… so today I moved in to 42s and the fit MUCH nicer.

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Scale I don’t like daily weigh ins. Mostly because I don’t think to hop on the scale every day, but also because I am motivated by progress, and I tend to get de-motivated when there is little to no change. I’m the kind of person that would rather say, “3 days ago I weighed in and I had lost 4 more pounds, who know what that’s up to today!” Rather than, “I weighed in this morning and it’s pretty much the same as yesterday.” See the difference?

I tend to weigh myself on Mondays and Fridays. Sometimes more… especially if I feel significantly different. I’ve learned, however, that the most important thing about a weigh in is not how often you do it, but that you are

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ChockShake Several people have asked me about the eating plan that my wife and I have been doing for the last 3 weeks. It’s been pretty easy and straight forward.

I wake up in the morning and drink an 8oz energy drink called Spark. I also start a vitamin/supplement strip that I’ll be pulling from through out the day. I open the packet marked "Take 30 minutes before breakfast" + 3 Catalyst + 1 ThermoPlus

For my breakfast I drink a 10oz Meal Replacement shake (Chocolate, Vanilla or Berry) and the vitamin package marked "Take with breakfast or Lunch" – easy so far huh?

Two hours later I’m eating 1/4 cup of

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SparkEnergy I’ve been on this eating plan to get healthy and lose my “developer” pounds for a couple of weeks now and I can honestly say that these products are amazing.

Let me say this, I’ve taken some of the world’s best vitamins my entire married life, I drink special berry juice from the amazon whenever I start to get sick. Even though I work long hours and am often on the road and meeting new people I rarely get sick, and when I do it’s short, mild and passes quickly. All of that being said – I’ve never experienced the kind of results that I’m experiencing right now.

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hello The name of this blog (less of me) comes from a couple of areas.

First, I am a Christian and a follower of Christ. John the baptist once recognized about Jesus in his life that: “He must become greater; I must become less.” – Jn 3:30

This is a theme that I hope to continue in my life. That people will be able to see the impact of Jesus on me and on our family – in life and in business.

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