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It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog… last time I did an update I was down 25lbs. Last December I started this journey at 278 and barely squeezed into my 44” jeans (pictured above). Today I’m happy to report that I am at 221 and am wearing 36” jeans! 55 lbs and 8 […]

This post is about 1 and 1/2 weeks late. I’ve been a little busy lately between teaching a custom (developing Rich Internet Applications with ASP.NET AJAX and Microsoft Silverlight) class and speaking at Microsoft’s latest technical conference in Dallas on Monday. That being said, let me do some catch up. About a week and a […]

I really should’ve taken my own advice today (and not do a “daily” weigh in). Yesterday I was 261… today I’m 262 </sigh>. (I’m going to blame the user group pizza from last night)See what I’m talking about? You really can’t look at day-to-day progress, you have to focus on progress over time. It makes […]