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If you are following the contest (and you should be 😉 then you’ll be interested in heading over to the Facebook group that was created today and joining. (If you don’t already have a Facebook account, then you’ll need to create one) It’s not required for the contest, but there’s already some good smack talk […]

Wednesday night I spoke at the North Dallas .NET User Group where I announced this for the first time publically… unless you count twitter (some good twitter feed back as well) So Here’s the deal…. if you’ve seen my new health blog you’ll know that I’ve been having a lot a success lately getting back […]

If you’re reading this, then you missed the correct RSS feed. 🙂 is now live. I’ve had a good time here at, I just won’t be blogging or updating here anymore. Please update your bookmarks and favorites (unless you just enjoy visiting old… unkept blogs that is. ) Go ahead… go there now. […]

One of the key differences between Microsoft’s .NET 3.0 full blown Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and the sub-set Silverlight (formally WPF/e) is that Silverlight doesn’t support true 3D support. (Flash is the same way… if you want the appearance of 3D in flash or Silverlight you have to fake it) Here is a project that started over […]

          These caught my eye earlier today… which may simultaneously explain why I have so many t-shirts in my closet and why my wife no longer lets me buy my own clothes. 😉

Yesterday I saw a podcast where Scoble interviewed Bill Gates and asked when we will see some of the technologies that Bill demoed at last year’s CES  (300kbps – skip ahead about 16 minutes for the interesting stuff in the video) – reactive video and stuff like that; then today I saw this at the […]

Dear Fiends and Colleagues, Yesterday, Jan 5th 2007, was my last day at Microsoft. The email that my manager sent out probably says it best: “Please join me in saying goodbye to Caleb Jenkins whose last day with Microsoft is today Friday, January 5th.  I know we will all miss Caleb’s passion and enthusiasm for […]