Wrapping up the Fit in February Developer Challenge


Over a month ago we kicked off the “Fit in February Developer Challenge”. Over 170 people joined the facebook group and a ton of people participated through twitter! Sorry for the obvious delay in announcing the winners of this challenge. I was out of town last week at the Microsoft MVP Summit and am just now getting caught up on everything.

What that means for everyone that participated… is that you have until tomorrow (Wed March 11, 2009) to get me your final results. You can email them directly to me, post them as a comment here or directly on the Facebook group.

Thanks for everyone that participated! I’m really looking forward to seeing your final results!


4 Responses to “Wrapping up the Fit in February Developer Challenge”

  1. Final blog was posted eariler. I also sent a summary spreadsheet to you on email. Thanks for sponsoring the contest. It was a great motivation throughout February.

  2. 2 Bill

    So, who won??

  3. 3 Peter DeBetta

    Still no results…

  1. 1 and the winner is . . . « Caleb Jenkins | less of me

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