Fit in February Developer Challenge: “Official Rules”


Well, it’s taken almost a month to get to this point. There has been a lot of enthusiasm building around this too. (over 140 members have joined the Facebook group!) So with out further ado, let me out line the contest.

Overview / Goal: The Fit in February Developer Challenge has the lofty goal of encouraging and motivating developers to do something out of their normal routine to become more healthy. The goal is help kick start your routine in February by proving prizes and motivation that most developers will actually care about. 🙂

Ways to win:

Because there have been 3 prizes offered up by the community, there will be 3 ways to win. (We like that better than a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc..)

First way: All out winner. The person that loses the most weight between Feb 1st and Feb 28th.

Second way to win: Percentage Winner. The person that loses the most weight based on the percentage of weight that they started with vs their ending weight.

Third way to win: Active Participant. Ok, here’s the deal: I’m a big believer in “Social accountability” and that the things that you say and do in public – the more likely you are to actually do them. In this category you will earn various points for participating in various activities. To keep things consistent, pretend that 1 point is like losing 1 pound.

10 points – Blog about the contest, what you are going to do to participate (your work out routine, eating plan, etc..) and link to this blog post (that way we can track your post). Look at that, you just lost 10 lbs for writing 1 blog post. 😉

5 points – post a before picture of your self. You can post this in the Facebook group, Flickr, as a part of your blog post (see above) or anywhere else. Just be sure to post the link to your picture in the comments here or in the Facebook group.

5 points – post an after picture. (see above)

10 points – post a video of your self doing your routine, drinking a health shake, or just talking about what you are doing for the contest. Add a link to your video in the comments, or post it in the Facebook group.

1 – point / every day. You can earn an additional point every day of the contest. Just post to twitter with the tag #FitFeb and whatever you happen to be doing (challenge related) at that moment. It might be working out, or drinking your shake, or taking the stairs in your office building. If you don’t have a twitter account, then go sign up for one (they are free)… also, we are going to use the search feature of twitter to track these points… so if you have “protected tweets” turned on, you’ll need to disable that and make your tweets public during the contest. (or create a new account just for the contest)

10 more blog points – Post a wrap up blog post at the end. Talk about your successes (and areas that still need to be worked on … if you want), how this month has changed your outlook, and what you plan on continuing beyond February.

There are 28 days in February, that means that if you did everything and tweeted every day, you’d have a maximum of 68 points (that’s 68 lbs in one Month! 😉 ), but pay attention… because we will probably add new ways to earn points during the month! (just to keep things interesting)

questions_l F.A.Q.

Q: We haven’t even started yet and there are already Frequently Asked Questions?
Yes, several people have provided some great and valuable input in the last month, and I think that it’s important to address some of those issues.

Q: What if I don’t need to lose any weight, but just want to “get fit”?
That is the main reason that we created category number 3 (activity). Anyone can win that category regardless of what that “activity” might entail (ex: lifting more etc..)

Q: Do you really expect people to get Fit in one month, or why can’t these be a longer challenge?
A: The goal of this challenge is to kick start people’s efforts. Hopefully people will have results in the month and that will be enough incentive to keep going. A 90 day challenge is a great idea, but we’d like to start off with something manageable, and achievable for more people to participate in. (maybe next year will do Fit in Spring?)

Q: Why are we just measuring weight? What about BMI, tape measuring inches, etc.
We agree that BMI is a much better definition of “Fit”, It actually really frustrates me (Caleb) that “The Biggest Loser” show uses the scale instead of BMI. I once lost 30 pounds of fat, but gained 15 pounds of muscle. All of that being said, we wanted to make this as easy as possible for anyone to participate in, and few things are as universal and as easy to access as a bathroom scale. Also, it’s actually pretty tough to decide on a standard way to calculate BMI and have everyone do it the same etc.. etc.. etc.. Scales are just an easy and consistent way to approach this.

Q: How do I “sign up”
A: Simple, Join the Facebook group, or comment on this blog post.

Q: I’m signed up, how do I participate?
To enter category 1 or 2, first you have to register your starting weight. You can either be bold and braze and blog it (which would also get you started in category 3), post it to the Facebook group, or you can just email it to me (and I’ll keep it private). At the end of February, you’ll need to post or email a final result.

Q: Can I participate in all 3 categories?
A: Yes, and you should, but you can only Win in 1. If the same person wins more than one category, then they get first pick of the prize, but the second person in the category gets the last prize.

Q: What if I win all 3 categories?
Then, you are the man (or woman)! but you’d still only qualify for 1 prize (see above)

Q: It’s the middle of Feb, can I still join. (OK.. nobody’s actually asked this yet 😉
Yes! You can get started at any time… but you will practically have less time to work out than the people that are already going.

Q: Hey, I don’t like your rules, or your contest, and I think that you should have done X instead of Y.
A: Tough nuggets. You don’t have to participate.

police “Legalese”:

1. Since this challenge is being conducted mostly “online” it will mostly be based on a level of trust and honor system… so please be honest. Also, the 3 judges maintain the right to call bull on any individual’s “reported results” – so be honest.

2. We are giving our time and resources to make this happen… so you agree that if you don’t win, think you should have won, or just aren’t happy for some reason, you agree that you won’t be a cry baby and get mad at us for any reason. You also agree that participation in this challenge is purely voluntary and that you won’t sue anyone or try to act all tough if it doesn’t go your way.

3. Prizes have been donated, and we’ll do our best to get those to the winners. We’ll ship them or drive them to you, but we aren’t responsible for whatever FedEx, UPS, USPS or carry pigeon might do along the way. Also, if there are other laws or rules that prevent you from receiving the prizes… or redeeming the Team Suite… then tough luck, hope it works out better next time. Also, the Zunes have been donated by 3rd party individuals… if they decide at the end that they just want to keep their stuff, we can’t help that either, but we would call them on it, and shame them publically. In general, we think they are great people that wouldn’t do that anyways.


I have never in my life taken a nutrition, food, health, diet, etc course or training. I know what I’ve studied on my own and what works for me. ALWAYS consult your doctor before starting a new diet and/or exercise plan.

Caleb Jenkins | less of me

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19 Responses to “Fit in February Developer Challenge: “Official Rules””

  1. Looking forward to it. I set up a new blog just for this. I’ll be posting about the contest soon. It’s at

  2. 2 joel

    I’m only 130 pounds. I would participate but loosing weight my be unhealthy.

  3. Glad to see things are getting started. I set up a new blog just for this at I’ll be posting about the contest and uploading my before pics and measurements soon. Also, my twitter account is mikedeck.

    Good luck all.

  4. @joel – That’s the whole reason behind the 3rd category. A lot of people don’t actually need to lose any weight. But anyone can participate in the “Activity based” category. For example – they might want to work out more, go running, what ever they want to do… and so you can earn “points” without having to lose weight.

    @Mike – Awesome! That’s very cool and a great idea. Plus, I like the goals that you have on your fitness blog. I need to start working towards some of those as well!

  5. I just wanted to say that I think this contest is a great idea, and I am really looking forward to participating in it! I created a blog for the contest, I like the idea of having the accoutability. Here is the url for my blog Well, thanks and you will be seeing comments coming from me over then next month linking to my blog!

  6. I’m going to be the winner. Mark my words. You can view my twitter account I will be updating daily here:

  7. I’m looking forward to the contest, and I hope everyone does great!

    My blog for the contest is:

  8. So, when you mean “link” to this post, do you mean simply have an tag somewhere in your post that points to here?

  9. Great question Jason – WordPress tracks all in bound links, and that’s a pretty easy way to see your post. That being said, it’s probably a good idea to add a comment here, or on Facebook with the link to your post. Thanks, sorry that wasn’t clearer.

  10. I’ve posted my blog entry as well, including my before image, as well as a timelapse of me on the Wii Fit tonight.

  11. Hey, just wanted to say that I have my official weight and my before picture up on my blog, thanks!

  12. Finally got around to posting my starting measurements. I took these yesterday but just didn’t have the time to post it. Starting weight: 225.2 lbs.

    More details and pictures here:

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