Get Fit in February Contest – Win Visual Studio Team Suite MSDN Subscription!



Wednesday night I spoke at the North Dallas .NET User Group where I announced this for the first time publically… unless you count twitter (some good twitter feed back as well)

So Here’s the deal…. if you’ve seen my new health blog you’ll know that I’ve been having a lot a success lately getting back in shape with an eating plan. I feel great and I’d like to keep the momentum going and help “spread the love”. Too many developers are out of shape (including me).

MSDN_TeamSuitTo help keep this going I’m going to run a contest in February: I don’t have all of the details worked out yet, but I do know that I’m going to give out a free subscription to MSDN Team Suit to the winner (approx $10,000 retail value!).

so, tune in, subscribe, or follow me on twitter and look for the final details to get announced here on this blog before February. Also, if you have any suggestions on how we could do this fairly and accurately on line, leave a comment below!

Caleb Jenkins | less of me

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17 Responses to “Get Fit in February Contest – Win Visual Studio Team Suite MSDN Subscription!”

  1. Does the Team Suit come in women’s sizes? *snark* Game on, I’ll be checking back to see the contest.

  2. @SaraC – I’m pretty sure that MSDN Team Suit will fit you just fine. 😉

    BTW – Does anyone else have a “prize” that they’d like to offer up for the Fit in February Developer Challenge? Zune / xBox games? (Microsoft guys??? *ahem* *ahem* 🙂

  3. Hey man! I’ll throw a zune into your pool for second / third place.

  4. @Bryan – That’s awesome! What kind of Zune? I’ll list it on the final “official” post.

  5. Sign me up! I have got to lose some weight. I would really like to get in to some 34 pants. Keep me updated on the contest.

  6. 6 Mandeep

    Is this open for Canadian residents as well ?

  7. Although I do not need the MSDN, I am in on the plan! wish I could contribute to the prizes, but with a zune and the MSDN subscription, I guess you have enough.

  8. @Mandeep – I have no problem sending the prize to winners outside of the US. I’ll just need to check with the MSDN Subscription that I’m giving out, and confirm that it is redeemable outside of the US. I’ll look in to that and post the details before Feb.

    @Ishai Sagi – I’m thinking about a really nice looking trophy in case the winner already has an MSDN Subscription. 😉 Either way – welcome to the Fit in February Developer Challenge!

  9. I am in as well. However, since I am an infrastructure guy and cannot code my way out of a paper bag, if I win I will take the second place prize and you can pass on the Team Suite to someone else more deserving! 🙂

  10. 10 Craig Boland

    What about developers who are already in shape? Do they qualify too? I understand that such contests are motivation for improvement, but there’s something to be said for ongoing effort (read: maintenance) to prevent future problems. I’m reminded of special publications that a magazine publishers sometimes provide as incentive to new subscriptions, publications that are otherwise unavailable to people who’ve been loyal subscribers for years.

  11. Check out We can use that to create the competition, then we’ll have to invite everyone to the competition. Then we’ll all be tracked as our competition group with our own leaderboard.

    That should help take all the guess work out of how we do this fairly. I should say, “Almost” take the guesswork out.

  12. Your site displays incorrectly in Explorer, but content excellent! Thank you for your wise words.

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