Daily Weigh In: I should take my own advice


Scale I really should’ve taken my own advice today (and not do a “daily” weigh in). Yesterday I was 261… today I’m 262 </sigh>. (I’m going to blame the user group pizza from last night)See what I’m talking about? You really can’t look at day-to-day progress, you have to focus on progress over time. It makes a motivating difference.

That being said, 3 weeks ago I was at 276.8 lbs… so I’m still down 15lbs! I can be happy about that. :)  Plus, up until 3 weeks ago I had to (especially after a big meal) _squeeze_ into my 44 pants. I’ve been swimming in them for the last couple of days… so today I moved in to 42s and the fit MUCH nicer.

OK, I’m totally losing man points for this post… I guess that’s the risk of transparency. Keep up the great work!

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2 Responses to “Daily Weigh In: I should take my own advice”

  1. 1 Sam West

    Doing a daily weigh in is ok if you pick a time of the day and do it every day at the same time. And from what I understand, first thing in the morning is the best time to do it. Since your weight can change by a few pounds up or down during the day, you can’t even compare one day to the next unless you do it that way.

    But I agree it’s best to focus on the longterm progress anyway.

  1. 1 Staying Motivated : 0 Dark 30

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