My Eating Health Plan


ChockShake Several people have asked me about the eating plan that my wife and I have been doing for the last 3 weeks. It’s been pretty easy and straight forward.

I wake up in the morning and drink an 8oz energy drink called Spark. I also start a vitamin/supplement strip that I’ll be pulling from through out the day. I open the packet marked "Take 30 minutes before breakfast" + 3 Catalyst + 1 ThermoPlus

For my breakfast I drink a 10oz Meal Replacement shake (Chocolate, Vanilla or Berry) and the vitamin package marked "Take with breakfast or Lunch" – easy so far huh?

Two hours later I’m eating 1/4 cup of

almonds. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you eat them 1 at a time… it’s actually a nice snack that I really enjoy.

An hour and a half later I take the vitamin supplements marked "Take 30 minutes before lunch" (and I’m done with supplements for the day) … then it’s time for lunch.

For lunch I eat something sensible… I’m planning on blogging some of the meals and tweaks to eating that I’ve made. I either pack a lunch from home, or if I’m at the office there is an amazing roasted chicken salad at the cafe on our first floor. It fills me up, and is really good.

Two hours later it’s time to drink a 6oz Muscle Gain chocolate shake. I’m not really working out or anything like that, but it’s an easy way to put 24 more grams of protein in my day and keeps me going ’till dinner.

About an hour or so later it’s time for me to head home. I drink another Spark energy drink before I hit the road. Then it’s time for a healthy dinner.

In the evening, if I’m going to be up late working, I might drink another Spark or have some more almonds.

And that’s it! I do that for a couple of days and then I do a "building" day where I change a couple of things up (like adding some fruit + carbs). I do that for 13 days, and then I’ve completed the lean in 13 eating program. Easy huh?

Full Disclosure: I now buy and sell these products through my own portal.
(The bottom line is that they flat out work for me)


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