Faking 3D in Silverlight


One of the key differences between Microsoft’s .NET 3.0 full blown Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and the sub-set Silverlight (formally WPF/e) is that Silverlight doesn’t support true 3D support. (Flash is the same way… if you want the appearance of 3D in flash or Silverlight you have to fake it)

Here is a project that started over at CodePlex that uses that power of the .NET framework to convert / render (fake) WPF 3D over in Silverlight. nice!



One Response to “Faking 3D in Silverlight”

  1. Hi,
    first, thanks for pointing to my article.
    I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to update a little bit.

    The project has gotten a lot more interesting since the original post.

    You can read more at : http://www.ingebrigtsen.info/post/2009/06/22/Balder-Silverlight-3-2b2b.aspx

    We’re now on Alpha stage and will be adding some more features and optimizations during the next coming weeks and hopefully have a relase 1.0 out soon.

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